Every decision which we make revolves around our balance.

The balance between;

  • what we need and want,
  • who we are and want to be,
  • who we impact and who we don’t,
  • what we desire and repel,
  • whom we love and whom we can’t.

The scary thing is that this balance is inherent and requires little or no effort for most.

We need to stop and consider each aspect of our balance.

We need to analyse why we feel the way we do as much as question the reason behind those feelings.

To be truly honest/loyal, especially with oneself, one needs to question and not be honest/loyal for the sake of it, because ultimately this is the greatest dishonesty/disloyalty.

Sensory palette

Our sensory palette is directly proportional to the range of love and despair which we have experienced. Any colour which doesn’t resonate emotion, by its inclusion or exclusion, is wasted energy and devoid of purpose.


The modern office often promotes an open planned environment for a higher level of accountability and productivity. But what it also achieves, is a beehive of politics and competition.

The main interchange is kudos. The sense of respect and overwhelming adoration that most humans crave. A mixture of egos and agenda are thrown together into this slow cooker and over a long enough timeline, varying results are observed.

One potentiality is that, this insular society blossoms into a self-fulfilling and sustaining entity, where juniors are mentored by their seniors. Their instructions are greedily accepted, based on the kudos that they command.

Any such incubatory environments are at constant risk of self-implosion when the elusive element of kudos is lacking.

Such contemplation provides our curious visitor, an entertaining pastime while waiting at reception to meet the owner of this enterprise.