Divorce is an institution designed mainly for the inequitable distribution of assets. The assets of tangible value are the least precious. It is the remnants of a past history, the inheritors, who experience the greatest devaluation and loss.

Ancient history

Ancient history is tantamount to an autopsy.

Dissecting and delving within the very fabric of what has been, establishing the facts and questioning the reasoning is a worthwhile and a fruitful enterprise.
After all how else can we learn about the subject’s successes or failures, in order to move forward and make new history.

Palpable stillness

Stillness of the morning just prior to daybreak is palpable.
Those precious moments when clarity feels within reach and your thoughts are succinct.
Feeling that now you know what to ask for without fear and yet mostly, these opportunities are squandered by the premature heralding of the sun.


Separation is a word which conjures a breakdown of union, a discontinuance of establishment or hermitism.

The polar opposite meaning is achieved when separation from; the mundane, the harmful, the illicit or the forbidden becomes a human aspiration.

Then it becomes the tool for refocusing priorities, soul cleansing, an admission of moral values and a declaration of love for all that is HIM.