Words and actions

We grow up hearing our parents and teachers giving us directives about how we should behave, yet we rarely internalize and accept those directives unless they are also enacted by those same authorities. ‘Lead by example’ is the moto of the achievers guild.¬†When we see, others do, then we believe.

But what about words which contradict actions. Are they valid and worthwhile? Most would hastily negate their value or at the very least reduce their significance.

This is a well documented and argued phenomena, however, what of the reverse?

When the actions personify love yet the words mar the bliss. On the balance you would have to agree that words are merely a precursor and actions are the essence.

Logic dictates that this is so, yet an ill spoken word can pierce the heart and calcify it.

A lesson learnt by your fellow traveller, is that both, touching words of the most eloquent prose or vile and abhorent utterances are naught in comparison to humane and loving interaction.


Love and in love are two separate yet intertwined precepts.

Being in love is a vapor, an almost spiritual experience which cannot be grasped or quantified and yet it’s prensence or lack off is amply felt.

Love on the other hand is a tangible thing, almost solid, where there exist building blocks allowing individuals to grow their bond with definitive words and actions promoting an ever changing level.

We know that being in love leads to love, but we must always remember that in order for love to continue to grow, it should promote the state of being in love as well. Both elements are forever intertwined and required in order to attain and maintain this essence of creation.