Goodbye 2011

You’ve been both cruel and sweet, magnanimous and lecherous, anguishing and sublime. You’ve left in a daze of your passing and in awe of the personal growth which I have experienced during your reign. Here is hoping that your sibling has a less volatile and more generous plan for me. Goodbye 2011


Mind is full.
Heart is heavy.
Rational thought is slipping.
Anxiety approaches.
Fever arrives.
Pressure valve is spewing steam.
Consequences have no meaning.
There is no turning back now.
Awaiting the plunge and imminent release.
Mind is clear, now for the consequences.

Our words

Jagged, torn and savage are the base instincts of us all, our words.

We smile, show modicum of gratitude to people we ought to be thankful to, because our society dictates as much. Yet we seldom mean what we say, when we say it.

Humankind is almost pathologically predisposed to deceit and misinformation. The reasons behind such actions are varied from greasing the wheels to complete betrayal.

Heroes are the few that have the courage to say the truth when it’s the hardest thing to do and through their honesty, display the majesty of true friendship. These heroes are scarce, through no fault of their own, because we shun them and ridicule their tactless behaviour. On reflection, despite their isolation from ‘society’ they walk the path of light and freedom while the tactful, labour in the mire of repression and political correctness.


Mind racing, grinding and crunching the combinations and permutations of third party actions. The world is still around me, despite the constant movement of the hords. One blink, one jarred thought and the picture becomes blurred and starts to melt away.
Hold still, concentrate, dismiss the interruptions that are always pursuing you and focus. Your mind is slipping and the desire is ebbing, what was it that had me so worked up? I cannot recall, but I feel I should and that makes me nervous. Am I finally losing my mind?
I’ve often feared losing the one thing that has never betrayed me. Then I remember the agony of watching the light go out behind the eyes of sanity and I’m breathless.

Beasts fate

All intelligent beings know that, in the end, all beasts are slaughtered. Whether for consumption or game, while the beast stumbles in an ignorant fog. It lashes and smashes into carefully designed barriers, designed to carouse and lead it to its end.